The Ellsworth High School
Alumni Association

Graduation Years 1960 to 1969

As the years go by, memories fade, friends go missing. We’ve kept pretty close tabs on most of our fellow alum, but here are a few we just haven’t been able to locate. If you know the whereabouts of anyone on this list, send us an email with their address to [email protected] and we’ll see if we can get them back on our roster.

Or you can just send them here to our web site. They can register themselves!



Ethel Wentworth Bussell

Jack Gordon

Bertha McDonald Saunders


Janice Stewart Emerson

Evelyn Cunningham Raley

Doris Bell Walker

Pearl Wilbur

Larry Young


Bruce Bradford

Sheryl Crawford

Jane Johnston Hath

Virgil Higgins

Faye Jowdry McDermott


Jane King Butler

Stanley Johnson

Leonard Maddocks


Jane Theobald Allen

Robert Bradley

Carolyn Griffin Bright

Jean Redimarker McVay

Carol Grindle Murphy

Patricia Day Newton

Jeanne “Pepper” Cunningham Willis


Irving Carter

Cecil Finch

Deborah Simmons Frieder

Valora Fowler Goodrich

Phillip Lounder

Gale Lewis Mayo

Thena McAlpine Moore

Nathan Pitts

Donald Stanley


Joseph Gray

Steven Grindle

Charles Hamor

Larry Hodgkins

Peter Hodgkins

Merlynda Scott Hoult

Arthur Leighton

Elizabeth Marshall

James McDonald

Alan Parr

Alicia Carter Turcotte

Thomas Wilbur

Janice Carter Wright


Louis Butler

Elizabeth Grey

Edwin Kidder

Kathryn Ashmore Mahar

Franklin Phillips

Richard Springer

Holly Ramsdell Violette

Pamela Willey


Kenneth Davis

Cynthia Adams Dowling

David Grant

Cherie Maestretti Martin

Paula Gatcomb Mcfarland

Anne Moore

Joyce Lovell Morrill

Karen Dodge Nick

Donald Pierce


Belinda Carter Allard

Daniel Bishop

Gail Carpenter Bower

Nancy Hardison

Ruth Kane Hatfield

Bonnie Ashmore Jordan

Mark McMurtry

Alice Severance Poulin

Mark Rollins

Margaret Smith

Steve Warford