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Courtesy of The Ellsworth American

By Lizzie Heintz

ELLSWORTH — Tyler Beardsley, a Class of 2012 Ellsworth High School graduate and former actor at The Grand, is making his mark in the city of angels.

Beardsley, who moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Tufts University with degrees in drama and computer science in 2016, appears in a small speaking role in the Paramount+ “Yellowstone” prequel series “1923,” which premiered in December of 2022.

“Any time you ever get a role, you’ve won the lottery in some way,” Beardsley said, laughing. “As actors out here, you have to take advantage of every opportunity that’s given [to] you. It’s not that it’s all luck or it’s all talent, it’s a combination of both. You have to be ready to put on your best show when the opportunity presents itself and take advantage of those moments.”

Beardsley plays the role of Bartender, and appears in the third episode of the series, titled “The War Has Come Home.” According to him, none of the bartending he did was pretend. The production team provided him with a full bar, including alcohol, garnishes, and everything else a classic speakeasy might need.

The show stars high-profile actors Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. According to Beardsley, being on set is an exhilarating experience.

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