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Jessica Albee, an artist, yogi, and graduate of EHS recently traveled to London to share her artwork in an exhibition with other artists from around the globe.  She recently answered a few questions to catch up with us and share about her experiences abroad.

How long have you been interested in yoga?

I started practicing yoga when I was 17 years old. I began at a young age mainly for fitness reasons. It was not until my recovery in 2011 at 23, that I began to experience yoga in a different light. It became a practice in which to connect mind, body, and spirit.

What inspires you artistically?

Colors, relationships, the earth, water, the sky..all things mystical and enchanting. Inspiration comes in moments of true presence. When I see what is really in front of me, I am inspired to show others.

What was it like to meet other yoga enthusiasts/artists during the exhibition in London?

SO gratifying. That is the main reason I wanted to go so bad. To meet people from around the world that believed in the benefits of yoga as much as I do. I wanted to inspire something within them that I found in my own practice.

Did you try any new foods while you were in England? What was that like?

I spent the trip in 3 different countries, England, Belgium, and Holland. I was sure to try each country’s chocolate, cheese, and gelato. Holland had the best cheese and gelato. Belgium had the best chocolate, and England did not rank at all because their food is terribly bland. Though there was a great steak house outside the Yoga show and it was never packed at the end of the show since most attendees are vegan. So I enjoyed that place and my steak 3 nights in a row.

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Though I can’t say it is my favorite, I find myself in twisted triangle pose most days.”Granouded Expansion” is a painting of the pose. It creates a peace sign when you look at it right, and it definitely inspires peace within. I think my favorite one to do would be crow since it is challenging and incredibly fun.

What is your favorite thing about living in California?

The people!

What do you miss most about Maine?

The people!


For more information about Jessica’s artwork, please visit her facebook page.

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