The Ellsworth High School
Alumni Association

Board of Directors

Michael Povich, Class of ’61

Donna Clarke, Class of ’66

Thelma Beal, Class of ’67

Holly Archer, Class of ’05

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1919 – 2021
Are available for research at the
Ellsworth Public Library

Ernest Tracy, Class of ’54

Janet Stanley, Class of ’64

Joseph DeLaite, Class of ’67

Troy T. Tainter, Class of ’81

Jerry Troger, Class of 96

Kelly Cochrane, Class of ’93

Megan Mackenzie, Class of ’06

Chelsea Sawyer, Class of ’07

Becky Bourdreau, Class of ’96

Phyllis Harmon, Class of ’69

Members at Large

Robert Maddocks, Class of ’60
Malen R. Hsu, Class of ’69

Honorary Director

Leon B. Beal Jr.

Directors Emeriti

Lucia S. Merritt, Class of ’38
Janet C. Rourke, Class of ’50
Lois DeRaps, Class of ’61
George M. Ray, Sr, Class of “50