The Ellsworth High School
Alumni Association

I received EHSAA newsletter today and was very pleased to read the news about Matt Povich, a classmate of mine back in 1995/1996. At the time I was an Brazilian AFS exchange student at EHS (class of 96), a period of many great memories for me.

As you requested news from the alumni, here are mine: I returned to Brazil after my exchange year, graduated in Electrical Engineering at the University of Sao Paulo, got a Master degree in Corporate Finance and Economics, got married to my wife Jacqueline, had two lovely boys (Enzo and Enrico), lost my dad for cancer, have been working with Foreign Exchange and e-Commerce at Citibank for almost 13 years, and finally, saw a lot of gray hair show up as I recently completed 20 years since I first got to Ellsworth on August 13th 1995. I’ve been to Ellsworth 3 times ever since, twice with my 11 year-old son Enzo. I actually planned a surprise visit to my host family (Reg and Phyllis Young) to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a family last August, but they were away the weekend I could make it… too bad. During these 20 years I made contact with few classmates (maybe the only reason I regret not being on Facebook), but I do keep good memories and feelings about many. Stopping at EHS was always mandatory in my trips to Ellsworth. My family loves the town as much as I do. My wife now plans a return in 2016 (with the young 2 year-old Enrico this time). Hopefully we’ll be able to make it and stop by EHS once again!

Thanks for the publication. It is a nice way to get news from my favorite American high school and some old friends!

Vitor Bovo
EHS Class of ’96
Sao Paulo – Brazil