The Ellsworth High School
Alumni Association

The Ellsworth High School Alumni Association held its annual meeting at Ellsworth High School on May 18th.

President Michael Povich introduced new Board members, Rebecca Boudreau and Amanda Robbins, and re-elected members, Melanie Brown, Troy Tainter and Ernest Tracy.  Certificates of Appreciation were presented to retired teachers, Warrene Carriere and Joan Rackliffe, and Board member, Ernest Tracy, for their dedicated service to the Scholarship Awards Committee.

The Investment Committee’s continued oversight and thoughtful investment resulted in the Endowment Fund’s balance exceeding $600,000 in the past year.  With respect to that success, the Association awarded twelve scholarships totaling $17,000 to five graduating seniors and seven alumni:

Named scholarships of $2,000 each:

Anna Kreitzer ’15, George Ray Scholarship
Cecelia McEachern ’13, Paul and Patricia Firlotte Scholarship
Alexandra Rydlizky ’14, Tracy Family Scholarship
Nathaniel Stephenson ’14, Shirley & Helen Povich & Rotary Scholarship
Courtney Wasson ’16, Leah Allen Scholarship

$1,000 scholarships:
Carlie Carter ’15
Lukas Firestone ’16
Cooper Holmes ’16
Emma Kell ‘15
Kyle Lima ‘15
Wally Moon ‘16
Kate Whitney ‘16

The Ellsworth High School Alumni Association anticipates another successful year as it continues toward its goal of a $1,000,000 endowment, making available more and greater scholarships to help EHS graduates and alumni in their pursuit of post-secondary education.  In its support of Ellsworth High School’s undergraduate and co-curricular programs, the Association looks to increasing its visibility and activity within the EHS community.