The Ellsworth High School
Alumni Association

The Class of 1967 held its 50th Class Reunion at the Big Cats Catering as well as a great picnic at the home of Marcia(Lanie) Thompson Farwell. The class also, through the generosity of a classmate donated a 20ft retractable flag pole to the EHS High School Football field.

Front row L-R: Elaine Card Gilley, Carolyn Stickney Ackerman, Wanda Moran, Susan Kazlaskas, Linda Joy Pudder , Susan Ackerman Bergeron,Thelma Beal

2nd row L-R Letitia Jordan, Linda Jordan Ronnquist, George Smith, Joe DeLaite, Terry Haskell, Beverly Clark Long, Buddy Wood, Carol Jordan, Skip Grindle

Back Row L-R Mary Blackstone, Walter Walker, Edwin Kidder, Ronald Hamilton, Albert Harmon, Jeff Gray, Mary Bragdon Wood, Lois Wiggin Shapazian, Linda Tracy, Phyllis Shea Ihle and Joe Reynolds.

Those attending but not pictured until the picnic were: Bill Joy, Bruce Carter, Austin Anderson, Alicia Cantwell Mellow, Ralph Alley, Loren Clark, Marcia Thompson Farwell and John(Butch)Nichols