The Ellsworth High School
Alumni Association

The EHS Class of 1954 will meet at Pat’s Pizza, Ellsworth, at 1:00pm the afternoon of Saturday, August 6, 2016.  The “door” will open at 12:30pm for any who wish to arrive early.


Last year the class decided to meet every year instead of every 5 years. Why? We are all slipping into our 80s so we might as well say “Hello” as many  times as we can. Besides it is nice to see all you good looking folks just as we remember you.

It will be a pleasant two hours of chatting and thinking of what a fine group of Mainers we were back in ’54. Each of us will take care of our own food bill. 

All are Welcome: Classmates, Friends of Classmates, Spouse of classmates, sig. other of classmates, relatives of Classmates.

Couple of questions: Should our class consider mating with another class? (Like ’53 or ’55 ) We all know a number of people in those classes and combining may add an extra spin on the meeting. 

It would be a heck of a thing if all could attend! See you at Pat’s.

*RSVP by July 15 to help Pat’s prepare room: 207-664-1868 [email protected] (Ernie), 207-610-2672 [email protected] (Loretta)